venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

The new Kyoot store

Saeya Nyanda today opened the doors of the new kyoot and I am so proud to have participated in the reconstruction and could not make me miss the chance to shoot a video of the new location. I hope you enjoy it.and do not forget that today is the 50L and Kyoot is selling very nice things. run to see <3

(Thanks again to Saeya for giving me the space to give vent to my creativity <3)

On Bliss :

pants: High waisted micro pants by Kyoot
shirt:beneath my bones dress for 50 L by Kyoot
skirt: Narcisus black (DU4) by *dg*
tattoo: Autopsia By La Malvada Mujer
necklace by Mandala
shoes : Vo pumps by Kookie

On Faina :

Hat : FurTrapperHat By coco ( group gift )
jaket : Addicted to Dopamine Harness By Kyoot
Shirt : ElegantSuit_Option/Shirt_BowTie by AOHARU
Belt : Grenadier Belt - Gunmetal Grey by Fet!sh
Pants: Nonsensical Pants - Vertical Stripes By Kyoot
Shoes : Loafers w/Strip - Black By hoorenbeek
Scarf : Black Houndstooth Neck Wrap by Kyoot