domenica 30 maggio 2010

*I saw Nirvana*

Hair: oh Juju by Clawtooth
Skin: Lola By Lelutka
Make up for SL2 by La Malvada Mujer
Necklace: Peace &Love by O!black
Shirt * bra :Filomena by Lelutka
Skirt & pants by Zaara
Tattoo: El Beso by La Malvada Mujer

mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

La Malvada Mujer make up for SL 2

La Malvada Mujer make up for SL2

face tattoo with freckles created in two colors, this is a freebies to be found in the history subscribe !

[Skins are not included- 1°pic :skin By ugly duck & lelutka -2° pic: Skin by lelutka]

Bored Apocalypse

on Faina
HAIR : Kin
SKIN : Miasnow
MAKE UP FOR SL2 : coming soon at LA MALVADA MUJER(hair shave)
SHIRT & DRESS : Lelutka Summer collection
on Bliss
HAIR: Posh
SKIN: lola by Lelutka
SHIRT: Niniko
PANTS: Lelutka Summer collection

sabato 22 maggio 2010


Nina Makeout, this is the new skins created by Miasnow. These makeup are very attractive, glossy lips and gums such as raspberries, the best I've ever seen in SL!
I love the creations of Miasnow unique and full of character .. substantially all tend to create avatars similar between them, their skins are so intense that they can give the character just to be different and I love the uniqueness and originality.
Antifashion? YEAH!

lunedì 17 maggio 2010

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie [babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy]

domenica 16 maggio 2010

The Girl in The frame

the first experiment in video post

SIM :Bohemian (my home )

Skin : EMILY Goth ~wicked red enhanced By MIASNOW
Hair: The Seas Met - Distinguished By Clawtooth
Top: Her Pleasure (mustard) By BOOM
Lingerie :Ignition - Plum bra By *Fi-St*
Nail : Perfect Long Nails - Elegant_Brown By Mstyle

Frame : Forgotten Frame By *BR

Tree:Drought Forest Willo By Botanical
House: The Shoe Shiner's Cottage whitey salt and peppered By Turnip

Pose By Del May

lunedì 10 maggio 2010

sicK Ego

Hair : LuLu - short hair-black by MrS
Skin:Group Gift - EMILY by MIASNOW [Group Gift ]
Accessories:Peace & Love n' Chains SET by O!Bleak
Top: Her Pleasure (deep turq) By BOOM

domenica 9 maggio 2010

Minnu's new Lola skins preview

I have done so much pleasure to receive a previw of th new Lelutka skin under the name Lola.

I love Minnu's skin,routinely use and i have always been satisfied with her work.

I was lucky enought to receive the pale and light pack,where inside we found 8 different types of make-up base and lipsticks are separeted only be used with sl 2.0

I personally have have a preference for the pale skin.I imemediately fell in love with pale skin #7,where it has a very delicate yellow eye shadow and lip using the layer with pink lipstick.while the light version i love the number 8 skin with black eyeliner and i have used for the lips the deep red lipstick.what convinced me this was the skin form of the mouth and eyebrows. mouth contours delineated where they remain wide open when zoomed.

I am very happywith the possibility of changin make -up using the same base, i hope that soon make a layer with freckles( i love them X-D)

I say thanks to Minnu Palen and Aradia Dielli and the Leletuka staff