venerdì 3 settembre 2010

My top 5 of Hair Fair 2010

Today 3 Septmber,2010 opened the hair fair for ufficial bloggers for the event. I Did some shopping and I decided to make what for me has been the best hair of this third edition. I found most of the hair is not innovative but some were quite interesting. There were too many bangs for my tastes -). Not that I have anything against the bangs but i say that this past year if they are seen several.Thelocation this year was a big improvement in reducing the lag, my past experiences were traumatic ( lag) but thanks to opportunity entering an officer's opening day before I am able to enjoy better ^ ^ These are the hair that I liked more for quality and originality.I found interesting the shaving bald effect, that thanks to viwer of SL.2 it could soar with more crazy cuts.
Were presented several good things I recommend on September 4 to go and see with your eyes. (sorry for my bad english : -) )

pic#1 - Lamb
pic#2 -FD
pic#3 -clawtooth
pic#4 - kik