venerdì 15 maggio 2009

Sugar Hiccup

Sugar hiccup, hiccup, Sugar hiccup

Makes the earth tough and tumble,Sugar hiccup

Heavens curtsey and bow

Sugar hiccup, Makes a pig soar and swoon,Sugar

Sugar hiccup or (while) she reels

Sugar hiccup, Sugar hiccup or she
Sugar hiccup

Sugar Hiccup - Cocteau Twins
La canzone non è legata alle foto in alcun modo,la stavo solo ascoltando mentre postavo...XD

What i'm wearing:

Top: Silent Sparrow - Gutter Glitter tops (bruise)

Jeans: Silent Sparrow - Gutter Glitter jeans (bruise)

Scarpe: Nevermore studios - Femme Dollfie boots behemoth 'Ice Dragon'

Collarino: Curious Kitties - Sarnjyu PVC chocker purple

Guanti/smalto: Snatch - Punkables

Occhiali: VJ Eyewear - No,014s NanoModel Marin80% [tinted]

Cintura: Kyoot Army - Dark Bellamorte belt

Skin: Nomine - Sylvan skin gen.2 china white 'Vamp purple'

Capelli: Truth - Sai in Night (Blacks&Whites pack)

Occhi: Poetic Color - Cat - Lavender sky

Orecchie: Illusion - Abyssal ears - elfin/naturals

Tatuaggio: Etchd - Hyde

Facelight: Cg Nation

Picks take at: The Hotel Dare @ Poetik Velvets