lunedì 18 maggio 2009

Time moves like spiders

Time moves like spiders Over the face of the clock

Time's forward violence Eating away at the heart

Another hour's past They never seem to last
Another day goes by No matter how I try

I've come to hate all clocks How every second knocks
I wish I could reverse This quaint arachnid hearse
Spiders - Ashbury Heights
What i'm whearing:
Outfit: Shadenfreude - Nosferatu coat (noir)
Maglia/calze/guanti/smalto: Snatch - from the 'So last year' fishnet set
Scarpe: SiniStyle - Animosity boots
Ciondolo: I love 13 - Heartkeeper necklace
Skin: Nomine - Sylvan skin gen.2 china white 'Mourna black'
Capelli: House of Munster - Shredder (Midnight + tips)
Occhi: Poetic Color - Cat - Lavender sky
Orecchie: Illusion - Abyssal ears - elfin/naturals
Facelight: Cg Nation
Picks taken @ Scribble